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National Gymnastics Day!!!

Region 6 Men's Gymnastics Conference Call

Region 6 Men’s Gymnastics holds a  Zoom conference call every Wednesday at 9:30 PM for those interested.  

This meeting is an opportunity to discuss the upcoming season, JD Nationals, the new Junior program rules, and any other topics that need to be discussed.

The Zoom number will always be the same:  991-061-304

Looking forward to the discussions.


    Tate Costa (Team Captain)

    • Senior, Narragansett High School
    • Aim High Academy
    • Coach: Danilo Gattei

    Over the years I have watched many of the past Elite Team Cup meets and have taken notice of the high energy team environment region 6 had brought each year. The more I watched, the more I wanted to be a part of it. With my last season as a junior gymnast coming to a close, it would be a great honor to represent the region that has gotten me to where I am in my gymnastics career, and to give back with a solid performance at the Elite Team Cup.

    Jacob Harmon 
    • Senior, Londonderry High School NH
    • Impact Gymnastics Academy
    • Coach: Craig Thibaudeau 

    Being a part of and being able to compete for Region 6 is an honor. There is an amazing sense of community and collective determination to be the best we can be. The R6ETP has pushed me to be a better gymnast and seeing other gymnasts at the workshops who want the best for one another motivates me to do my best. Qualifying for the ETC is surreal, I have worked towards this goal since first making it into the R6ETP and now qualifying to compete for Region 6, I cannot think of a better way to finish off my junior gymnastics career.  

    Owen Carney

    • Senior, Wachusett Regional High School
    • Sterling Academy of Gymnastics
    • Coaches: Liz Gonzalez and Bob Donahue 

    As my senior year and final year in Region 6 approaches, performing for the Elite Team Program is very meaningful to me. The Elite Team Cup offers the opportunity to compete against gymnasts at the highest level, which is very exciting. It is a huge honor to get the chance to represent Region 6, which I have been a part of for over 10 years. The best part of joining this team is being able to enjoy the experiences with some amazing gymnasts and friends that I have been competing with since I began my journey in gymnastics. 

    Brian Solomon

    • Junior, TECCA Academy
    • Interstate Gymnastics
    • Coaches: Charles Jackson, Dunkan Gould

    I have been a member of Region 6 since I first started tumbling. I have watched as others who I looked up to represented the region so having the opportunity to represent Region 6 in the Elite Team Cup is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. Being able to compete against the best kids in the country with the guys that I compete with regularly will be a lot of fun and a great experience.  

    Divier Ramos 

    • Freshman, Methuen High School
    • Interstate Gymnastics
    • Coaches: Dunkan Gould, Charles Jackson

    Competing for Region 6 has been challenging as well as rewarding. I have been able to meet so many other talented athletes that share the same passion as me which allowed me to push myself in the gym to acquire better skills. I have been fortunate enough to also be a part of the Region 6 Elite Team Program which has led me to meet different coaches and learn a variety of techniques and skills that helps me to become a better gymnast and gain the confidence I need. Qualifying for the Elite Team Cup would be an honor and a privilege because I will be able to showcase my talents at such a young age and I believe that it permits me to be a role model for the younger athletes on my team back at home.

    Samuel Kaplan

    • Senior, Fairhaven High school
    • Aim High Academy
    • Coach: Danilo Gattei

    I love competing for region 6 and nothing makes me more proud at nationals than wearing their shirts and their uniform. The goal for me was, is and always will be to be a part of the elite team and helping my boys compete, and win. In the end it’s about chemistry and winning and I know I bring both of those to the table. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing your teammates are counting on you to do the most flawless routine possible… and then you do it… let’s go region 6!!!

    Jake Islam

    • Junior, Suffield Academy
    • Western Mass Gymnastics
    • Coaches:  Darren Morace and Sergio Nunes

    Qualifying to the ETC would mean a lot for me. I have grown up watching my teammates reach their goals and qualify to the ETC, and to have that opportunity would bring my life full circle. I would love to represent Region 6 because I have been here my whole life, have a ton of pride in it, and have grown to love everyone in it. I owe a lot of my success to the R6ETP for challenging me and helping me achieve goals that have made me a better gymnast and teammate. 



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    Daniel Young

    Daniel Young

    Regional Chairman,

    Phone: 6172850406


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